diamond point bow ties


new trend!  – diamond point bow ties!

you may say “diamond point?” “what’s that?”
well, it’s similar to your traditional bow tie, but ohhh! so subtlety different.
instead of a flat edge, it has one pointed diamond shaped tip showing on each side.

diamond point bow ties

diamond point bow ties make a strong fashion statement and are now ready to take the center stage. i picked up on this after watching the power players arriving at the recent grammy awards. bow ties are often worn as an elegant and dashing accessory to a suit or tuxedo for those special occasions. the true value of this diamond pointed tip is a truly unique way to offer a new twist on the formal traditional 2” bow tie. a creative way to exhibit the wild side of your character as well as still maintaining that traditional element of class. and these ties are harder to find, so you will find that you will be able to better stand out in the crowd, which is always preferable. a one-of-a-kind fashion piece. these limited editions are sort of the bow tie of the bow tie!

these ties are not pre-tied. you must self tie them. you may say “self-tie?!” we say always! who would do it any other way?! and why not? it’s as easy as tying your shoelace. and with the final result, you want it to look a bit asymmetrical, as you don’t want anybody to think you are wearing one of those “fakers”! and if you truly cannot tie a shoelace, we have a way around that too.

oh yeah… did I mention that we also have the 3.5 inch black butterfly bow tie too?!

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